Edge VR

How much space do we need?
Each VR pod is 2.4meters square, for the full class set, we use 15 - 20 student pods for the experience, students work in groups of 2 and there is enough for the teacher to get involved too. We recommend using a school gym or hall to make sure everybody has enough space to make the most of the VR experience.

How long does it take?
Each total VR session for a group is 1 hour, we expect that each group will take up to 10 minutes for briefing and then changeover half way through. Students work in teams of 2 to ensure they use communication skills within the session. We endeavour to allow each student between 20 and 25 minutes in the VR simulation.  Edge VR is set up on the school grounds for an entire day, with the suggested session plan we can have up to 120 students through each day.

How does it work?
We use the HTC Vive for our VR experience, this allows for a room scale simulation to engage each student. The Vive's tracking system allows for full immersion within the environment and adds the ability for the student to use their hands with the controllers to interact with the environment. When students work in groups we have found they use a different skill set than if they were to view the content alone. It is important that each group use communication skills to solve particular problems they encounter within the simulation.

What experiences can we do?
We have matched experiences to the particular grade level of students, please see our send us an email and we will have a member of our team walk you through some of the VR experiences.

Will I get motion sickness?
In some cases, people can get motion sickness, however we have found with the HTC Vive this is rare, as your body and head moves in the simulation the same way as it does in the real world. If you do start to get motion sick, you just close your eyes.

Can I wear glasses with the VR headset?
Yes, the Vive headset is designed to accommodate people who wear glasses too.

How many students can we have in a single session?
We have built our sessions for groups of 30 students, with them working in groups of 2, we have 15 - 20 full student pods for their VR experience.

What do we need to supply for Edge VR to come to our school?
Each pod needs power to run, we bring our own tested cables but we will need access to power in the setup area.

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