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Edge VR Mobile Lab

Edge VR offers a mobile VR laboratory that is set up on the school grounds, in your auditorium or gym. This allows for each student to be allocated their own individual VR learning pod. We suggest each class of 30 students be allocated a 1-hour timeslot, however this can be customised through negotiation with your school

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The Edge VR difference

Edge VR comes to you, there is no need to buy expensive headsets or invest upfront in new technology that could be outdated within months.  We know just how fast the VR industry is moving, this is becasuse we are supported by Intel and Alienware computers. We use the best VR headsets available in the world today, the HTC Vive with some of the fastest computing power available. This allows each student to fully use the 5.4m square space to explore the virtual environment with a system designed entirely for VR, not just a repourposed mobile phone.


Set imagination free

Build machines, solve problems on scales that are impossible with any other medium, Virtual Reality allows students imagination to thrive.

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Edge VR has had the amazing support from Flinders University and the New Venture Institute